Parva Parvorum Pulchra

Parva Parvorum Pulchra

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Dr. Francis Fabri - College Principal

Our Mission

Our mission at St. Theresa College is to provide a well-defined, challenging and engaging learning experience to pupils and students, and to strengthen professional development for teaching and learning in a caring and accountable environment.

It is our mission to nurture distributed leadership and management and to instill a sense of commitment, an entrepreneurial spirit, solid values and a conviction that all children will succeed.





Our Vision

In our vision, primary and secondary schools are characterized by an administrative structure that decisively, consistently, efficiently and supportively serves the best interests of us all, and by a staff that is a professional learning community engaged in cooperation, collaboration, and mutual support and which consists of people who serve as positive role models for students and their parents/guardians.

Our vision is to be characterized by students who are confident, respectful, responsible citizens, with the necessary tools to be successful in life and to contribute positively to society; and to be able to collaborate fully with parents/guardians who trust and support their children and the college. 



 Our Values

In order to achieve our vision, we strive to 

grow professionally and enhance the quality of our teaching and learning

model high standards and values 

provide frequent and positive feedback

encourage multiple intelligences 

motivate and lead students to be active and successful participants in their communities

engage parents/guardians and communities in the learning process



Our Invitation

Our invitation is for all stakeholders to share with us this exciting learning experience and become a partner of this successful community.


Our Website


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